Can we choose what sites we’ll be listed on?

Yes, you can


Can we pay with fiat?

Usually we accept only crypto, but if you really want to use our service and don’t have other options we can work something out.


Will we receive certain guaranteed amount of traffic?

No, ICO listing sites is just a meeting point between you and investors. It depends only on you how to make your project attractive and convince investors to visit your site. All we can do is inform you about site’s traffic details so you could make your own estimates. 


Can we do anything to increase traffic to our site?

Analysis shows that additional promotion do increase traffic. If you really want to attract more visitors you should consider buying top banners or premium listings.


Can we make changes in listing after it was published?

Yes, you can, but we strongly not recommend to do that. Besides publicity issues it also takes a lot of time and some sites just don’t responde to such requests. 


Who’s paying escrow fees?

Escrow fees are client’s responsibility. If you don’t want to pay it we can accept direct payment from you.